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Creative events thoughtfully crafted to create memories for life.


Navratri was celebrated with different and colourful activities. As per the colour code for the given nine days, Rangoli were filled in with colours and staff shared the importance of the respective day.  On completion of the 9th day of Navratri, the Rangoli looked so beautiful, that one could only wonder how much talent BSSK had!

On the green day, all the staff enthusiastically participated in displaying and distributing the different nutritious recipes that they had made. Various activities and games were organized at the  Chiplun branch which all enjoyed thoroughly,  while the Sangli branch organized dandiya . All in all the staff and the kids enjoyed the celebrations thoroughly!


BSSK’s practices and working have evolved significantly over time, but the tradition of celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, Janmashtami remains untouched to date. In fact, efforts have doubled to bring together more and more adoptees and families into our fold. This Janmashtami was a significant one as we could show case the talents of our children globally though virtually.  We had nearly 150 families joining in.   There were many positive feedbacks one of them is worth sharing      “Dear BSSK team and little adoptees,

It’s the most beautiful Janmashtami ever celebrated.  Flowers blooms to its glory when they get healthy environment before they bloom.  BSSK team kept that healthy and safe environment for our little ones always and that why they all are blooming so nice.  Truly everyone in BSSK are fairly angels as my daughter Kriya says.  BSSK centres are changing the world.  God bless you all.”

Given below are a few screen shots of the online program :

International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2021 at all our BSSK branches. Due to Covid 19 pandemic we had to avoid participation of all the staff while only a selected childcare staff joined the children. The  Yoga sessions started with the introduction on how important yoga is in our daily life. The children were introduced to various types of Yogasanas like Suryanamskar, Bhujangasan, Tadasan, Gomukhasan etc . The Yoga day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy .

We proudly announce that 5 kids from our childcare gradually adapted to e-learning this Covid 19 period and excelled.. as  their report card rightly proves….  

We are confident that with the blessings & support of our well-wishers BSSK’s children will always stand up with dignity !

Go Green… BSSK tiny tots participated in a Tree plantation Drive in July 2020!








The education support has helped me become more confident and outgoing. The camps and activities have increased my knowledge and opening more opportunities for …

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