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Frequently Asked Questions

Whom can I  contact for counselling in post adoption matters ?

Kindly call 7447436180 between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (IST) from Monday to Friday to avail assistance in post adoption matters.


When was BSSK established and what are its objectives?
BSSK was established in 1979 and working in the field of family and child welfare.

What licenses does BSSK have?
BSSK is a nonpolitical, nonprofit making organization registered under:

  • The Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950
  • The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015(JJ ACT)
  • Recognized by the Women and Child Department (WCD), Government of Maharashtra as a Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA)

How long has BSSK been working in the field of adoption?
BSSK has been working in the field of adoption since 1981.

How long has BSSK been working in the field of Education Support?
BSSK has been working in the field of Education Support since 1980.

Where does it have its branches?
The Head office is Pune and branch offices in Aurangabad, Chiplun(1995) and Sangli (1987).

Can I help in any way as a volunteer/donation cash/inkind?
We do accept donations and volunteers; it would be good if you can contact our office to know more details on the same.

For Medical Professionals/Hospitals/Birth Parent/Family

Does BSSK have a license to keep children and what age?
BSSK is licensed to admit children from birth to 6 years of age.

Every child admitted to BSSK comes through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

I have a patient who is an unwed mother and in her 5th month of pregnancy. Her family has disowned her and she is not sure about what to do next?
She can be referred to BSSK. After initial counseling, she can be referred to shelters working for destitute women.

One of my patients who delivered yesterday is not willing to take the baby home as her family/neighborhood is not aware of her pregnancy. How can you help?
Please contact the respective BSSK center. A social worker will be available to talk/meet the birth parent/family and discuss suitable options keeping in the best interest of the child and birth parent.

One of my patients is a minor and is 5 months pregnant? What should I do?
Please refer to the JJ Act 2015/POSCO Act 2012 for the next course of action. Also get in touch with the Child Welfare committee.

My patient just delivered a baby. She/family is not sure about giving the baby for adoption. What should they do?
Please contact the respective BSSK center. Our social worker will counsel the family on the way forward.

Do we need to make any charges to avail assistance or counseling services?
There are no charges; BSSK services are provided free. For Prospective Adoptive Parents:

I am interested in adopting a child. How should I register for adoption?
Since 2015, the adoption registration is centralized. It is through Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), a statutory body of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India.

Please visit http://cara.nic.in

Can I choose BSSK for my HSR?
Yes, if you are based in any of BSSK locations namely Pune, Aurangabad, Chiplun and Sangli. You can choose the respective centre where you reside in.

What are the documents required for HSR?
You need to upload the documents on the CARA website and submit all the documents to the Special Adoption Agency (SAA) where you are registered for HSR.

Can I opt for a baby from BSSK?
The process is centralized and a referral is given through CARINGS from the 3 states you have opted for.

What are the adoption charges?
Adoption fees are as per CARA Regulations 2017 in two installments.

Do we need to have our own advocate for legalizing the adoption?
BSSK has its own advocate that processes the legalization of adoption.

After adoption of a child do we need to send reports?
Yes the reports need to be sent either as per the CARA regulations or the court/official body mandate given in your case.

Can I make a donation after adoption?
As per CARA Regulations adoptive parents cannot make a donation, this came to practice since August 2011.

For Education Support

Where do the children supported through Education Support stay?
The children usually stay with their family/extended family/relatives or hostels if there are problems in the family.

Which schools do the children attend?
The children attend the Pune Municipal Corporation Schools, both Marati and semi English medium. In some cases they attend English medium private schools.

What are children provided through Educational support?
The children are provided textbooks, notebooks, stationery, school bags and uniforms at the beginning of the academic year.

How do you make sure that they attend school regularly?
Regular attendance is ensured by periodic home visits both planned and surprise visits, school visits to meet the Principal and the teachers, cross checking with the parents, neighbors and school mates.

Can I select the child I would like to sponsor?
Yes you have the option to support a girl/boy and the grade. BSSK will do its best to ensure a match.

Can I meet the child and talk to them?
Yes you can meet and interact with your supported child in the BSSK premises in the presence of the social workers.

Can I invite my supported child home/to a movie/vacation etc? Can I keep in touch with the child through phone/email?
We do not encourage such interactions as it goes against BSSK’s Child Protection policy.

Can I gift anything to the child? If so what items can I bring?
You can do this provided you discuss the need with the social worker in advance

What is the duration for which I can sponsor a child?
According to BSSK educational support policy, a child can be supported until the child completes 12th grade. Higher educational Support can be considered on a case to case basis.

What are the activities that are conducted for the children throughout the year and can I participate?
Age appropriate activities/workshops are conducted the year to create awareness, widen their knowledge base, personality development. The activity calendar can be shared on request.

Yes you can with prior intimation.

How can I volunteer in the programme?
Link has the details.

How can I mentor a child?
You can request a meeting with your supported child/group of children and share information regarding your area of expertise.

For Visitors

I would like to come and visit your organization? How can I do that?
Visitors can fix an appointment and come in during our visiting hours to learn more about BSSK or give a donation. The process is as follows:

The visiting hours are between 10:00am-12:00pm/3:00p.m-5:00p.m (12pm to 3pm is lunch time and nap time for the children).

There will be a brief overview of what BSSK does.

A tour of the premises will be given.

Entry into any of the child care rooms is not allowed because of hygiene issues/nap time.

Corporate donors/ student group can spend time on a one time basis on the occasion of festivals or special events like birthday etc only. Necessary co-ordination needs to be done with the concerned person.

Call 020-26158002 / 26155332 / 26159314 to fix an appointment.


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